The words has lost its beauty.

I have quite been familiar with the shortcut words that are being very popular in facebook. For instance, “U luk v chweet” and “TQ” are the most common ones opted mostly by the new generations.

Although, “You look very sweet” and “Thank You” are the original ones, but now, they have been replaced by the previous words in social networking sites like Facebook Twitter etc. I too felt the need to learn it in order to response those properly. And, now, it has been a habit with me as well.

As I let myself pass through the memory lane, I remember we giving our best efforts in writing the letters, essays in our english class in Highschool. We used to learn the spellings by heart and would try not to commit any mistake. Such was the charm of words then however, now, the words seem to lost its beauty. With the people getting more active in the social networking site, they have few time but in a need to express lot therefore, opting the shortcuts or the acronyms is now the easiest way. On the one hand, this no doubt has allowed people to save time and express in an easy way whereas on the other, it has made people more confined towards their own feelings and emotions with the words running on shortage.

With everyone trying to express more via smileys and the slang words, there is no doubt we all will be more intact with each other by getting in touch or connected at least, but what i doubt is do our future generation be able to hold its beauty or will it disappear like the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland?


About Aditi Subba

A (blog-moth)er, avid reader & communication professional, who believes in the power of dream & desire, and a true cancerian by heart and birth.
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