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How can someone make noise in a library? Seriously! This was my instant reaction when I heard the sound of giggle from a guy sitting next to my chair in the library. I was deeply arrested in Ayn Ran’s Fountainhead, and amid a pin drop silence, I found his giggle pretty thunderous. However, what took me by surprise was that there was a reason behind his careless giggle: a book he was reading. And, I realised, he is a person who lives the emotion of life with reading.

Every morning when I commute to work, I see people captivated with the pages of book/some with tinder lost in the world of book they are reading. Similarly, one morning, I was reading too. It was the book Prayogshala by Sudheer Sharma. Suddenly, a voice interrupted me with a question, “excuse me, may I know where are you from?” When I replied, “Nepal”, he said the font devanagari in the book tempted him to speak with me. It took me by appreciation that books can act as a medium to connect people in a foreign land.

The fond memories of me, a grade 6 student and my mother taking a rickshaw ride to a bookshop in order to buy the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens holds a special meaning to me. This was the first book that I got besides my textbook and I read it with great interest because the child in me was aware that none of the questions were going to be asked from this book for my exams.

I was brought up in a large family, where National Dailies, weeklies, magazines, novels always frequented and we had a room (not a library though) to store all of them. With politics being the hot cake, I listened my father, uncle and other guests discussing about communism and capitalism during those years. However, Mother authored by Maxim Gorky was the first book which inspired me to explore my journey of reading with enthusiasm. I stumbled on this book during my summer holidays at my aunt’s (father’s sister) place, and realised how a book holds so much significance in one’s life. And with maturity, I have understood how reading and living the characters and events of the book helps to derive the maximum happiness in a person.

Reading, I believe helps to uncover the power of imagination in a human being. Promotion of reading culture is essential for the development of critical thinking and innovative skills. When I watched the movie Twilight, based on a novel of the same name, I was delighted to see that some of the scenes turned out to be the exact as I imagined while reading the novel. I was also able to travel India, Indonesia and Italy while reading through the pages of the novel Eat, Pray and Love. At times, I felt that my brain is too busy imagining people and traveling places while being stationed in my own room.

My mother is the person in whom I have always found the utmost passion of reading. I grew up seeing her reading newspapers, articles, magazines and novels. We often shared our love for books and discussed the ones that both of us finished reading. She also has up to date information of current affairs, politics, society, international affairs and she credits it to her passion of reading. I am glad this reading gene has been transferred to me from her.  And, this is the only hobby which can help you to interact with various people with confidence and cross borders without the need of any visa approval.

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Adieu, 2016


Year 2016, you left us and will never come back. Now, you will only remain in our heart, our memories. In 2016, I had achievements, but with pinch of challenges, I also succeeded to bask myself with the sunlight of positivity, although the umbrella of negativity tried a lot to keep me deprived from the same.

I lived my dreams; I graduated in Masters of Professional Communications from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia. Of course, It did not come easy. I stepped out of my comfort zone,  left my son, family, close friends, career behind in order to fulfil my dreams. The initial days were quite difficult as the due dates of assessment submission, presentation would drive me crazy.

The final semester was very tough for me, I was sick and I had to submit my thesis as well. I spent hours in library researching and working on my thesis, and hence, unsociable. However, nothing lasts forever. Eventually, I finished my studies and it was all due to the unconditional love and support of my better half and my parents that helped me to cope with the homesickness and pressure of studies.

My move to Melbourne was an unplanned one. After several rejections, I got an opportunity of internship, and thus, I arrived here, the most liveable city of the world. Besides my internship, I also explored the variety of taste this city has to offer in a platter. The tasting started from coffee to graffiti, cuisines to plays, tourist destinations to the various languages, I hear people speak in the train, tram, bus and street lanes. And me, a keen observer, tried to absorb the multiculturalism slowly and happily.

I also worked as an intern partly for the Consulate General of Nepal for Victoria office. The interaction with the people who came to apply for visa showered me with mixed feelings of happiness and pride. I met some people who visited Nepal regularly, and always looking forward to visit again. When I raised the question why, the answer was “simply natural, no artificial”. Some with the vivid memories of their travel years back and curious if the people are still warm, innocent and hospitable as it was long time back. Such curiosity of theirs makes me proud of our ancestors, and the traditional and cultural values they have instilled in us.

Some were very concerned for the people hit by the massive earthquake of 2015 thus, travelling to donate and volunteer to help the people in affected areas. Therefore, the opportunity of internship allowed me to know how people from other parts of the world still care for Nepal and have a positive image of the country and it’s people. I am sincerely thankful to Mr. Chandra Yonzon, Honorary Consul General of Nepal to Victoria for providing me with this opportunity.

It is very exciting to welcome the new year 2017 with loads of happiness and enthusiasm. But this time, I decided to avoid resolutions as I want to see if I really need the same in order to stay happy. I, therefore, wish for joy in spite of the challenges I am offered, the negativity I am hit with, the distance from my family and will continue to do things that inspires me and keeps me happy. Hey! 1 January 2017, I start with self-acceptance!

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My Incomplete Sissy Affair

“If I had a sister, it would be so much fun to exchange clothes with her”, this was my ultimate reason behind the wish of wanting a sister terribly, whilst I was young. However, as I grew up, I knew this wish will never be granted, since I was gifted with a brother instead. As time passed on, I still shared the secret wish of having a sister with my mother and to which she always responded with a laugh and the answer that “you have cousins and they all are your sisters too”. I agreed with her answer to some extent, but I always added the fact that they are younger than me whereas, I needed someone who is similar to my age and with whom I can share my clothes. Silly me!

With the tick tick of the clock, my wish of sister remained the same, but the reasons changed significantly. As I grew up to a teenager, I wanted a sister with whom I can get a piece of advice on the clothes I wear, first crush, talking about the movie (A walk to remember – in own ishtyle), sharing the real deep feelings of the novel (Love Story by Erich Segal), talking about the funny incidents of classroom, burdens of homework etc.

However, when I crossed the teenage and found myself climbing the ladders of maturity, I found that I was occupied with my studies and career that the circle of my friends kept me occupied and the tied knot wish slowly started to loosen than before. The pressure of doing something on my own or as we say “Standing in own Feet” (Afno khutta ma ubinu- A popular proverb as said in Nepali) overruled it.

Whereas, now, when I find myself in a different phase than before, where I am acting in different roles of daughter, wife, and most importantly, the mother, my heart have started to paint the strokes of bright colours in my fading thoughts again. Whilst juggling with the various roles in home and office, I find myself reviving the wish of having a sister again. If I had one, I would have shared the experiences of my pre and post pregnancy, share the joy and insecurities of motherhood, window shop & watch movie together, criticize and appreciate each other, plan and discuss about our and babies future together and many more.

Most of my friends are gifted with sisters and the rapport they share with each other have always made me envious. Even I am fortunate to have a few friends with whom I find myself at ease. When I am with them, I am at my comfort zone, we chat nonstop, be the best critic whilst shopping, share the same cone of popcorn whilst watching movie, laugh at each other foolishness, cry on pain, pull each other legs, be a watch dog for the weight issue,  plan a get together at each other home often, seek for advise and always support each other.

And, here I am again, comforting myself again that it does not matter if I do not have my own biological sister, since I have friends who are more than sister to me. I can share what I want to and I know they are always there for me when I seek them and I do not have to wait even long. I am blessed 🙂

P.S. This does not mean that I do not love my cousins and my only brother, of course, I love and miss you all. No Offence to any of you.

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Decision Making – Yes, My Cup of Tea.

A couple of days back, whilst shopping at Bhatbhateni, Chelsea, my sister’s daughter, who will turn 5 within a couple of weeks, her shopping skills caught my attention. I was checking out clothes for my son when she suggested us a pink woolen cap for him, finding it hard to deny we remarked that pink symbolises for girl, whereas, Aayam, my son is a boy instead.  After hearing this, she arrived with a blue one, suited perfectly for a baby boy.

This action of her stunned me, which made me wonder if I was that smart enough to decide back then when I was of her age and I know I was not. I even get confused at certain times, but not always. When I go shopping, I get confused which one to choose among two good pair of clothes or shoes. Although, I plan on what I want, but there are many times though not always, when I have ended up on something else. Being a complete foodie, deciding on a food item from the menu has also always been a challenge for me as well.

Decision making, I feel, plays a significant social role from the day we are chosen to be born on this earth. Deciding the name of new born, the school he/she should be enrolled, the subject one should study after the completion of higher secondary level, the career one wishes to embark etc. are all the bullet points that arises as a challenge for the parents.

However, right decision making is significant in order to bring out positive results, and make an effective change in life eventually. Sometimes, a wrong step whilst making decision often led to destruct one’s life with the action of regret forever. As a result, it is important that we become swift in the steps of deciding rather than getting confused and being delayed. On the contrary, it is also important to balance both our mind and heart when we are in the process of same and be proud of our decisions.

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Flashback – 2013

As I scroll the cursor of my life downwards towards the year 2013, I find it filled with experiences which I have never expected to happen. However, I am glad that they actually happened and taught me great lessons in the so called class of life. In a nutshell, I believe, I had the perks of being me and knowing myself. As a result, this time I would not state the whole year in terms of my achievement but, I would list out the moments which has helped to find the real me.

The most incredible was the one when I got to experience motherhood with my son Aayam. With motherhood, a long list of emotions has enlisted in me, especially the pain and gain, which I believe has developed me to be a tougher and protective person. This changing role, have made me realized why our parents are our role models and to what extent they go for their offspring happiness.

The most unbelievable one was the emerging of distance with my best friend since childhood where both of us failed to bridge the gap which I believe, developed due to our busy lives and geographical disparity. Acceptance is the most important factor required not only in friendship but in personal and professional relation as well. Once you have this, it avoids you to blame others for any unfortunate results. You need to accept the fact that you simply cannot hold on with a person if he/she does not want to and moving on is not that easy as it seems while pronouncing.

The most interesting one is my belief in right time. We get scared that we might not get what we yearn so truly madly and deeply but we succeed in it when the right time for each of them arrives. There is a saying, “Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing ever happened that didn’t need to happen.”― Byron Katie. Therefore, no matter how desperate we get for the things to happen, it is important that we wait for the right time in order to taste the fruit of success.

Finally, the most difficult but very important one is the realization of Let the dogs bark, the wolves howl, the lightnings flash and the crows caw, you continue doing your job!” Although, there are people who gossips about you but, what matters is the focus on goal without an inch of distraction. If you succeed in doing it then there is no one who can stop you to have what you want.

Never stop dreaming, believing and eventually work hard to turn them in reality. Happy New Year 2014!

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Election is in the air.

Yes, there is no doubt that election is in the air. The proof to it is people have started to exchange greetings with each other as “Happy Election”. I actually heard it from one of the external consultant, whom we have hired to facilitate for one of the administrative task in office. However, I have never imagined that people can also find it as a way of connecting with each other.

On the other hand, there is no huge evidence of publicity of the candidates via campaigns, rally, miking, speech, posters, pamphlets and banners as it used to be in previous elections. The publicity campaign can be noticed occasionally only as the code of conduct set by the Election Commission of Nepal prevents them to do so.

With the Constituent Assembly Election day i.e. 19 November approaching nearer, transportation strike announced by CPN-M led alliance  from 11 – 19 November against the election has caused most of the people to step a feet away from their comfort zone. Plus, The Federal Democratic National Front-affiliated Federal Limbuwan State Council (FLSC) is also supporting the nationwide strike. Despite the strike, few vehicles are in operation but   throwing of petrol bomb at running public vehicles have caused terror in the common public.

We also are aware that there are 205 seats for Direct electoral system and  396 for Proportionate electoral system but the hope of winning of 33% seats by female will be the significant thing in order to help females to represent all the other women residing in the male dominant society.

Even the organisations and government office have provided holiday so that people can go and vote in their own areas. With all this, election no doubt has been a hot cake for everyone where as, people are to some extent tired with the leadership of the political parties leading the nation no where and more in the state of turmoil.

Finally, we all pray the election to happen in a peace environment with no news of violence. May the best party/candidate win (with the inclusion of all the groups) and bring the change which we Nepali citizen have been eagerly waiting for.

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“Gone are your days of Korean dramas now, it is your son’s turn” was a comment which I received whilst shared about my interest towards korean dramas. However, for me, I do not believe that the case is same. 

Korean dramas have brought a revolution in Nepal since its entry; the revolution in fashion and hairstyle. If we get to just stroll on the streets of New Road, then we can get the glimpse of many teenagers adopting those styles. Last week, me and my better half went for shopping and we were amazed that most of the shops were showcasing the korean ones. Whilst asking them why, they replied that these are the ones in popular demand.

As I think about its popularity, I guess that it is the word beautiful which has been a reason for its rising popularity. We all know that we all are instantly attracted towards anything that is beautiful either it is object or human being. A girl clad in nice dress shoes bags or an item wrapped colorfully immediately turn them beautiful.  And, the most important factor is that it is our heart and eyes which are always in search of everything beautiful.

I appreciate the trend but, following it is not my cup of tea though. In fact, what I always like about them is the use of the word “Fighting” and presented with simplicity. Therefore, on a positive note, I believe, that we must keep fighting regardless of how difficult the situation is and deal the life simply too.

P.S. My favorite actor is Lee Min Ho and I am waiting eagerly for his new drama “The Heir” 🙂

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